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With the availability of new technologies the boundaries of physical space have almost disappeared, allowing me to reach clients that are based across 4 continents. Below is a list of geographies covered in current and past coaching engagements:

client feedback

Patrick knows the ‘road I walk’ as a sales person but the added gift he has to customize the session and make it have ‘aha’ moments and get me have breakthrough moments where I was struggling with actionable items to move my development areas.

Sales Manager

Microsoft Kenya

"Patrick is an exceptional leader who brings with him deep international management experience, profound sales expertise, and unparalleled coaching skills in the area of sales and sales management. He worked with me in establishing best practices in the way we do business and approach sales as a discipline. Based on his vast experience, he was instrumental in improving our sales discipline by bringing structure to sales management, which resulted in over achievement of our targets and improved forecast accuracy which is extremely crucial for a sales organization. Patrick is persistent in his approach and ensures that the desired results are achieved through commitment, persistence and continuous improvement. A great business leader with a strong ability to connect with people and lead them.”

J.B., Director

Microsoft Asia HQ, Singapore

“Patrick is a unique leader and coach: he couples a deep, precise knowledge of the business with being the best coach I have ever seen in action. I grew a lot both professionally and personally while working with Patrick. Patrick's broad experience developing and coaching senior sales people in both mature and emerging markets really stands out.”

A.Z., Head of Enterprise Sales

Microsoft Pakistan

"Patrick is a great Coach who has inspired me enormously. He is a master in the art of leading by example, his reflections are profound and his intuition, based on a vast professional experience, is well tuned. During our coaching alliance, he has helped me to realize, using real examples of my life, that we are always at choice, and that life is too short to make the wrong decisions, many of them being unconsciously taken and related to staying in whatever comfort zones we have. Also, he has helped me a lot to stop over-rationalizing and procrastinating, and to giving more space to feeling and sensing. The journey of self-discovery can be an amazing one, and it is nice when we give ourselves the present to count on a leader like Patrick as our ally, that is, if we are lucky enough to find a pearl of this kind."

I.L.C, Managing Director Middle East Operations

Multinational Corporation, Dubai

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"Patrick is an outstanding coach. I have engaged him as my coach to work on a number of topics, mostly centered around self-development and family. He is very compassionate and he is a great listener, able to easily identify and point out the “sore spot” . I truly enjoyed how he has mastered to seamlessly switch from great process and structure to dancing in the moment, focusing on what was needed right then. He did a great job exploring and unlocking potentials within me and then created a roadmap on how to execute against them, and subsequently, kept me on track when needed. As a result the coaching boosted my happiness and sense of fulfillment tremendously. If you are currently looking for ways to make positive changes in your life, don't hesitate to engage Patrick. Your overall wellbeing is very much worth it."

Serge Lenbet

Dubai, UAE

"I have been climbing the corporate ladder very quickly and successfully. My job is exceptionally demanding in terms of time invested, and frequent international travel leaves me away from home over longer periods of time. For quite a while I sensed a growing imbalance and feeling of disconnectedness when it comes to other areas of life. The area that I felt especially worried about was my relationship with my family and especially with my 2 young children age 5 and 7 who I fear have been mostly growing up “without” their father. Patrick has helped me to reassess what’s really important to me, helped me redefine my priorities and find a healthier balance across a multitude of areas – including my private and professional life. This has made me more productive and efficient at work, I removed wasted time spent on activities not truly important to me. I now feel focused, balanced again and significantly more fulfilled overall.”

Ahmed B.

Dubai, UAE

“I came to Patrick for career coaching, since I felt unsatisfied in my current job and wanted advice on what role to take next. Instead of giving career advice Patrick has put a mirror in front of me, which allowed me to realized that it is “all about me”. While I was lost in my sea of so-called problems, he showed me that I am both the sea and the captain. Instead of giving me advice and direction, he gave me the gift of a compass that is aligned with my inner self, one that allows me to take better decisions now and in the future. In our coaching sessions, Patrick dislodged many stones and he skillfully helped me to rethink and digest the learnings. As a result I am now much more self-aware, self-confident, and more satisfied with not only my work life, but also with my private life. Every minute of our time together was extremely valuable and made a huge impact. Thank you!.”

A. Erzoz

Istanbul, Turkey

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journey2change builds long-term relationships with its’ clients based on integrity, trust, and results. Our success lies in the success of our clients. Our clients include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and top talent from a number of industries. The following are some of the clients we’ve had the privilege to partner with:

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