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leadership - one life influencing another

John Maxwell

why – developing leaders to create a world of passionate and fulfilled employees

At journey2change we believe that great companies are run by great leaders. Managers organize and delegate work, leaders inspire and develop the people in their charge. Great leaders see themselves in service of a higher cause and in service of the people that follow them.

We can see that a number of companies are making good progress with building a culture based on the growth mindset – where people are eager to learn and see the possibilities to grow. What we wish for is to go one step further and create a culture where leaders are becoming the facilitator and catalyst of growth in their people, a space where they encourage the hunger to learn and where there is no need to be afraid to ask for help, where everyone – individual contributor or manager - can be vulnerable of not knowing the answer, but supporting each other in finding the answers. With that we can become invincible as an organization and as individuals.

journey2change is founded on the vision of a world where employees come to work motivated, do what they love, passionate to give their best, and leave work at the end of the day being fulfilled. For this to become reality, companies need to become a great place to work. And for that, companies require great leadership.  

how – emotional intelligence as the magic ingredient

In our view great leadership is built on great relationships. And to develop great relationships a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is required. At journey2change we put EQ at center of what we do.


Instead of looking at targets, KPIs, TLI and goals, or competence, talent and skills, we are putting a focus on things like:

  • trust

  • character

  • self-management

  • attitude

  • growth mindset

  • motivation

  • communication

  • relationships

  • influence

  • and more...

what – leaders are not born, they are made

journey2change helps companies build great leaders. And we help people around the globe to (re)align themselves to achieve their personal and professional goals in order to reach their full potential and fulfillment.


We are basing our work on longstanding, hands-on experience in

  • international leadership roles working in a global environment

  • designing and implementing leadership development initiatives

  • coaching hundreds of leaders around the globe to reach their full potentials


This allows us to serve the client as the need emerges and switch modalities seamlessly between

  • Coaching: helping the client to look insight and find the answer and solutions inside himself

  • Mentoring: helping the client based on the hands-on experience with best practice behaviors 

  • Knowledge transfer: to provide the foundation of knowledge that the client can build on

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