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evoking transformation

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our coaching philosophy

At journey2change we follow CTI’s “Co-Active®” coaching model and philosophy:


One of the cornerstones of the Co-Active® model is that we focus on the whole person, not just one particular part of their life. People aren’t compartmentalized. They are multi-faceted and dynamic, and this model allows us to work with whatever topic the client chooses.


The Co-Active Model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action to create an environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most.

The “Co” in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures.


The “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.


The magic happens in the dance between “Co” and “Active” — action that arises from presence, deep relationship and context…and presence that is channeled into dynamic action and contribution. Balancing and blending these energies allows us to move out of an “either/or” paradigm into a “yes/and” paradigm.


Cornerstone principles


  1. People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

    • Nothing is broken or needs fixing.

    • People have a natural ability to resolve the challenges they face.

  2. Dance in this moment.

    • It is most creative to work with what arises in the moment rather than from a fixed and rigid plan.

    • Relationship is a fluid give and take.

    • Everything that happens is an opportunity for learning and movement.

  3. Focus on the whole person.

    • People are a complex and unique system and each part impacts the other aspects

    • It is important to include all aspects of being human, mind, body, spirit and emotion.

  4. Evoke transformation.

    • The nature of life is to transform and evolve.

    • It is imperative that people call forth transformation in each other.



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