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climbing a mountain - one step at a time

enhance your professional life

  • do you feel unfulfilled in a job you don't really love?

  • are you struggling to advance your career to the next level?

  • are you not getting the promotion you deserve?

  • do you want to get the most out of your teams and create followership?

  • have you lost your job and don't know what's next?


then it's time to take action.

We coach leaders to do the inner and the outer work of leadership – building strong emotional intelligence and leadership acumen for a clear, authentic leadership voice and influence that’s built on competence and trust.

common coaching topics

master leadership


- master EQ-based leadership

- change the way you deal with change

- get the most out of your team

- grow your people to grow your business

- from leadership to followership

- land your first management job

boost your career

- discover your passion

- feel more fulfilled in your job

- from zoning out to "being in the zone"

- find the job you'll love

- get the promotion you deserve

- lost your job - what now

- start your new job right

- develop the skills you need to

  advance your career

work life balance


- getting your priorities straight

- create life work balance

- make time for your loved ones

- make time for yourself

- manage your time proactively

- stop procrastinating

- manage your stress levels

what our clients say

Patrick knows the ‘road I walk’ as a sales person but the added gift he has to customize the session and make it have ‘aha’ moments and get me have breakthrough moments where I was struggling is fantastic.

journey2change builds long-term relationships with its clients based on integrity, trust, and results. Our success lies in the success of our clients. Our clients include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and key talent from a number of industries. The following are some of the clients we’ve had the privilege to partner with:

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