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Bill Gates

leaders will be those who empower others

leadership development topics

At journey2change we are helping people around the globe to (re)align and achieve their personal and professional goals in order to lead happier, more balanced and more successful lives.


  • Leadership Concepts

  • Learning and Development Concepts

  • Leading Self

  • Leading Others

  • Engaging and managing your teams

  • Developing your teams

We coach leaders to do the inner work and the outer work of leadership – building strong emotional intelligence and leadership acumen for a clear, authentic leadership voice and influence that’s built on competence and trust.

Development Offerings

executive coaching


is targeting the mid to senior level leaders, "high potentials" as well as entrepreneurs.

Through 1:1 coaching we help the leader to bring clarity to chaos, drive long-term business results by shaping leadership skills and behaviors.

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leadership development

- discover your passion

- feel more fulfilled in your job

- from zoning out to "being in the zone"

- find the job you'll love

- get the promotion you deserve

- lost your job - what now

- start your new job right

- develop the skills you need to

  advance your career

speeches & workshops


- getting your priorities straight

- create life work balance

- make time for your loved ones

- make time for yourself

- manage your time proactively

- stop procrastinating

- manage your stress levels

what our clients say

Patrick knows the ‘road I walk’ as a sales person but the added gift he has to customize the session and make it have ‘aha’ moments and get me have breakthrough moments where I was struggling is fantastic.

journey2change builds long-term relationships with its’ clients based on integrity, trust, and results. Our success lies in the success of our clients. Our clients include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and high potentials from a number of industries. The following are some of the clients we’ve had the privilege to serve:

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